DJA 6000
The DJA Series power amplifiers are designed to give clean, dynamic power with the legendary Studiomaster Professional sound quality and reliability that professionals depend on.
DJA 6000
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    Rugged and reliable professional stereo power amplifier.

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    High-current toroidal transformers with high-endurance cores for superior transient response.

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    Ultra-functional EQ Processing, Low Cut, and Subwoofer with crossover selection options.

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    3 switchable operational modes: stereo, parallel, and bridge.

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    Intelligent cooling and heat dissipation using large low-noise variable speed fans.

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    LED indicators on the front panel for power, signal, clip, bass boost and protect modes.

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    Mains voltage operation 240V AC as well as low voltage operation at 150V AC.

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    Audio-grade balanced XLR and ¼” jack input connectors.

  • Model

    DJA 6000

    Stereo Mode Power Output
    4 Ω (True RMS),20Hz-20kHz,1% THD

    2 x 2000 W

    4 Ω (EIA), 1kHz , 1%THD

    2 x 3200 W

    8 Ω (True RMS),20Hz-20kHz,1% THD

    2 x 1300 W

    8 Ω (EIA), 1kHz , 1%THD

    2 x 1700 W

    Bridged Mode Power Output
    8 Ω (True RMS), 20Hz-20kHz,1% THD

    4000 W

    8 Ω (EIA), 1kHz , 1% THD

    6200 W

    Damping factor (8 Ω)


    Frequency Response

    20Hz-20kHz (-3dB)

    Input Connector (Per Channel)

    XLR, 1/4” TRS Jack


    Temperature, DC, Short Circuit, Soft-Start

    Output Connector (Per Channel)

    Speakon and Binding Post

    Dimension (W x D X H) mm

    482 x 530 x 133 (3U)

    Net Weight (Kg)