Take Full Control!
Our range of professional active crossovers is available in a variety of 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way stereo and mono configurations. Engineered with world-class signal processing filters and audio-grade electronic components, the crossovers deliver unmatched accuracy and sonic fidelity.
Tone it Right!
Our range consists of professional dual stereo graphic equalizers available in 15-band, 30-band, and 31-band variants. Integrating a host of essential and unique features, the equalizers let you take full control of the audio spectrum.
Endless Possibilities
Our range consists of truly versatile and multifunctional splitter-cum-mixers that will help you simplify even the most complex signal routing and mixing scenarios with utmost ease and flexibility in a host of PA, touring, and install applications
Effect Processors
Get Creative!
Our range consists of high-quality outboard/external delay and reverb effects processors with a multitude of features and parameters to let you get creative while mixing.
Speaker Management Systems
Rule the Venue!
SDX-4 advanced Speaker Management System is an indispensable, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate processor that helps you configure and optimize complex multi-loudspeaker or line array setups with utmost precision and ease.